11 Jun

[PHOTOS + REVIEW] West Thebarton + A. Swayze & the Ghosts + Milky Thred // The Cambridge Hotel // 08/06/19

After the recent departure of bassist Bronte from the Newcastle surf rock band Milky Thred, the three-piece took to the stage in a new format, with band manager and musician Andrew (Boys Don’t Cry Collective) filling in on bass. Whether it’s a permanent placing I’m unsure, however, I am certain that their impressive surf-rock sound is here to stay.

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26 Apr

[REVIEW] George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic // Enmore Theatre // 20/04/19

Everything appears to be in order as New York octet Miss Velvet & The Blue Wolf file onto stage and break into their opening number. Being the support act of such a giant of the genre – not just here, but on the entire world tour – was always going to mean that their music had stylistic parallels to the world of funk and groove-oriented music. The twist in the tale, however, comes when the titular Miss Velvet steps up to the mic and opens her mouth. Although one might expect something soulful or sultry, you instead get a metal-bar squawk that’s closer to Sammy Hagar than Sam Cooke. It’s a shock to the system, and admittedly takes a moment to adjust to. Say what you will, but this stylistic clash is not one that this audience was expecting – but, rather than serve as a deterrent, it draws more punters in closer to the stage. The entire band perform with the confidence of a headliner, and even if the music doesn’t particularly do anything for you it was hard to deny their chutzpah and colourful approach to genre-hopping. Hey, it beats watching some carbon-copy go through the motions, right?

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21 Apr

[PHOTOS + REVIEW] The Story So Far + Basement + Endless Heights + The Dead Love // The Roundhouse // 19/04/19

Having caught Basement at their energetic show with Turnover in Sydney a few years ago, I couldn’t pass up the chance to watch them again co-headlining with The Story So Far, a band I’ve always planned to see but never did until now. Supporting at the Roundhouse at UNSW were two Sydney locals, The Dead Love and Endless Heights, our own homegrown heroes.

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20 Apr

[LIVE REVIEW] Kurt Vile + RVG // UOW Unibar // 16/04/19

At first, the bustling garage-dwelling post-punk of Melbourne’s RVG (that’s Romy Vager Group, for those of you playing at home) seemed an ill fit in contrast with tonight’s headliner – almost at odds, even. The reality is, however, RV are a complement to this bill – and, indeed, any bill lucky enough to have them. They provide everything a great indie-rock band should: Introspective insight, solid foundations to dance or sway upon, propulsive walls of guitar and a series of peaks and valleys that allow one to appreciate their stylistic contrasts that coarse throughout each song. The quartet are still riding high on the momentum of their excellent 2017 debut LP, A Quality of Mercy, and the lion’s share of the record gets a run-through here. Given the album was essentially recorded live upstairs at The Tote, it’s no surprise that the electricity and urgency captured on record translates seamlessly to the live environment. Even those among the early arrivals who have no idea who the band are (read: all but maybe five of them) are quick to pick up what RVG are putting down – which, in itself, says a lot about how convincing a live band they are.

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