[PHOTOS + REVIEW] Movements + Eat Your Heart Out + Ambleside // Red Rattler // 29/08/18

Touring their debut album Feel Something, Californian champions Movements have been moving around Australia for the past couple of weeks, and boy – what a pleasure it has been for anyone who got out to one of the shows.

Along for the ride are local favourites; Adelaide’s Ambleside, and the Novocastrian 5-piece Eat Your Heart Out, both of whom, at a sold out Red Rattler Theatre, made it clear why they were both given the pleasure of touring with one of the scene’s favourite band.

Watchtowers kicked off the night in spectacular fashion. On first glance, Lead Singer Jarrod Martin is potentially one of the most terrifying men you’ll have ever seen in your life. However, as the set progresses, it’s clear that Martin is beyond happy and appreciative of everyone in the room singing along to their songs. Closing the set with their latest release Hurt The Ones We Love, it’s beyond clear that Watchtowers will become a staple to the Sydney scene.

As Ambleside kick off their set, Sydney’s Red Rattler begins looking a whole lot more packed. The band brings an insanely relaxed presence to the stage, all while they belt out some soul-hitting lyrics from their 2016 EP Shape Me. Guitarist Dean Lawrence’s clean vocals shine throughout the punk hardcore band’s set, and are a clear definition to what this band is about. Ending with massive track Wash Away, is when you start to see the crowd really move. You wouldn’t see a faster transition from having a light bop to a full blown anger mosh anywhere else.

Eat Your Heart Out, top of the support bill, easily pack out The Red Rattler. Something I’ve loved about seeing this band is consistently seeing each member grow on each of their performances. It’d be easy for anyone at this show to say that this is one of their tightest sets to date. It’s an absolute treat to see Lead Singer Caitlin Henry’s face beam when people scream back the lyrics to Conscience and Patience. Eat Your Heart Out have always been one of those bands that are destined for greatness. Only time will tell where this Newcastle Punk group ends up.

Having cut their set a few songs short the previous night in Wollongong, due to lead singer Patrick Miranda suffering from some sickness, there was a fear that something similar could befall Sydney – but it was not the case.

Movements brought an incredibly dynamic and exciting performance to a sold-out Red Rattler. It would be near impossible to distinguish Miranda’s efforts to that of a healthy man. Opening with Third Degree, the crowd is instantly pumped and a choir of fans can be heard across the packed out room. From there on out, every song is a ‘crowd-surfer’. Bringing out tracks from older releases like Outgrown Things, mixed with a healthy serving of Feel Something, Movements brought a massive show that’s probably amongst my favourite gigs of this year. Closing out a full-blown set filled to the brim with melancholy was fan-favourite Daylily. Amongst it all, Miranda seemed to content himself with just watching the crowd amongst the first chorus, where he let the room do the chanting and singing.

Movements are one of those special treats that we here in Australia are only going to be privy once every blue moon. Here’s hoping they find another reason to bounce back down under as soon as possible!

Photos – Sian Sandilands
Review – Kileab Thum