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3 Feb

[LIVE REVIEW] You Am I + Magic Dirt + Maddy Jane // Twilight at Taronga // 01/02/19

Wollongong-via-Hobart singer-songwriter Maddy Jane is normally flanked by a full band at live shows, bringing some extra oomph to her jangly, retro-tinged guitar pop. Having gotten into the swing of that, putting her on stage under the solo guise feels like an ill-advised decision – if you’re going to showcase the woman’s talents to a largely-unfamiliar audience, it deserves to be in its complete form. Having said that, Jane fares just fine on her lonesome – her smoky, laconic vocals serve as the centrepiece of tracks like the soulful “Not Human at All” and the tongue-in-cheek “No Other Way,” and the fact she has new converts calling out for more at the end of her set surely means mission accomplished.

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