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11 Jun

[PHOTOS + REVIEW] West Thebarton + A. Swayze & the Ghosts + Milky Thred // The Cambridge Hotel // 08/06/19

After the recent departure of bassist Bronte from the Newcastle surf rock band Milky Thred, the three-piece took to the stage in a new format, with band manager and musician Andrew (Boys Don’t Cry Collective) filling in on bass. Whether it’s a permanent placing I’m unsure, however, I am certain that their impressive surf-rock sound is here to stay.

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23 May


Crooked Colours have never been a group that do things half-heartedly. Since their first release in 2013, they’ve crafted a sound that is uniquely theirs. Their live show is vibrant and ever-changing, and each track they release is well thought out. It’s not surprising then, that the Perth trio have been working hard on the follow up to 2017’s Vera, a debut album which set a very high standard for the band. Langata, their sophomore LP, is exactly what fans of the band will be wanting. It’s more polished and darker than Vera, but there are some standout tracks that eclipse their previous releases.

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