[Speaking Volumes] Bully Hay’s Top 5 Influences

Undulating and revitalising, the brand new single Wash Off The World out today from Tasmanian singer-songwriter Bully Hay drives home a message of empowerment and inspiration, topped off with the addition of The Tea Party’s Jeff Martin on production, recording and mixing duties. Also armed with an accompanying music video, Wash Off The World marks Bully Hay’s first single off his forthcoming debut album, Black Dogs and Songbirds due out later this year on Wednesday October 30.

We asked Bully Hay’s top 5 influences:

  1. Paul Kelly – Because he is the Godfather of Australian Singer-Songwriters. If I could have just a sliver of has talent for transporting people into his stories with nothing but a sentence, I would be a very happy man.
  2. Jeff Martin (The Tea Party) – If it weren’t for my discovery of The Tea Party as a teenager, I never would have experimented with open guitar tunings which has been a real creative joy for me. Many of my songs have come into being by simply fooling around with a new tuning and it’s all The Tea Party’s fault.

  3. Soundgarden – My musical style flips around from Folk to Rock to Roots and Alternative. I’ve listened to a lot of Soundgarden and aside from Chris Cornell’s insane vocal talents that I dont think anyone can touch, the darkness of much of that Soundgarden sound is really difficult to achieve for others without sounding cliche or try hard. When I’m aiming for something a little darker, they’re a good gauge for me.

  4. Jeff Buckley – Buckley’s guitar playing for one, especially when he played the Fender Telecaster during solo songs somehow ends up sounding like this chimey church organ feel which is just so beautiful. There’s a song on my upcoming album called “The World Is On Fire, But You Look So Great” and in the bridge, the song leans back into a quiet section and I was definitely attempting to channel a Jeff Buckley vibe there.

  5. Crowded House – They’re basically a Hit factory. How did they consistently keep delivering hit song after hit song? I’m sure its not as easy as it sounds but they sound effortless, like the music and words just poured out of them and someone was there to catch it at the right moment. They’ve influenced me sub consciously as a kid. My parents and friends of family were playing crowded house records very often. It wasnt til I grew up, learned to play guitar and covered a few of their songs that I consciously realised just how good they are. The vocal harmonies always get me. Maybe that is a part of why I get obsessed with harmonies in my own material.