CLIENT LIAISON Premiere ‘Off White Limousine’ video and Launch Limousine service

Joint CEOs Monte Morgan & Harvey Miller AO today celebrate their next venture, granting CL stakeholders a bonus issue of stock in the long awaited video clip for ‘Off White Limousine.’

Directed by Tobias Willis (KEWL) and Zachary Bradtke (BANALARAMA), and premiering via Wonderland Magazine, the video expands on the grand Client Liaison narrative. In what is the duo’s most ambitious clip yet, ‘Off White Limousine’ reveals that in the chess game of international diplomacy, for every move you make, for every advance across the board, a counter lies in wait. Those with Diplomatic Immunity, however, will always prevail.

Of the video, Wonderland Magazine appraise: “Client Liaison now present their latest music video extravaganza: “Off White Limousine.” Working more as a short film – be prepared for an assassination attempt, Game of Thrones’ Hodor and an abundance of fabulous outfits that would have you wishing for an hour long special.”

In conjunction with today’s video release, and following the success of their debut record Diplomatic Immunity and their Designer Line, Client Liaison PTY LTD add a new arm to their enterprise, entering the Taxi and Limousine Transport Industry – A Limousine Service Courtesy of Client Liaison. Morgan & Miller have neither confirmed nor denied Kristian Nairn (Hodor/ Game of Thrones) to be their full time driver, but guarantee a top tier experience none the less, with the plan to offer this service in Melbourne/ Victoria and potential expansion to other states in the near future.

Expressions of interest are now available via:

Kicking off their Diplomatic Immunity album tour last weekend to sold out crowds in WA, Client Liaison continue their run in their hometown Melbourne this week, ticket forecasts show strong sell through nationally. Final tickets available through

Diplomatic Immunity is now available as double gatefold vinyl in off white.