[PHOTOS + REVIEW] Snow Patrol // ICC Darling Harbour Theatre // 04/08/18

From a marriage proposal, to a tiff between band and punter, Snow Patrol’s Sydney show was more than expected. Playing two exclusive shows in Sydney and Melbourne, they had a short and sweet visit to Australia this week, playing both the Palais Theatre in Melbourne, and the ICC Darling Harbour Theatre in Sydney. Two songs in, with the exclamation “Stand up, you thought you would be sitting tonight?” Snow Patrol had Sydney on their feet. With that in mind, it seems a strange choice to book a fully seated theatre and have everyone stand, as the venue really lost some of its intimacy from there on in. With a punter yelling a few songs later “CAN’T FUCKING SEE FOR EVERYONE STANDING”, this kicked off an awkward banter between singer Gary Lightbody and the audience member, with Lightbody proclaiming “You are by far the angriest person we have ever had at any of our shows… you terrify me to my very core”, before inviting him to the front row of seats before launching into Don’t Give In, off their latest album, Wilderness.

Despite dropping off the radar a bit since their breakthrough albums Final Straw and Eyes Open, Snow Patrol have kept up a dedicated army of followers, and despite taking six years to release their latest album, the fans have stayed with them, with the Sydney show being packed all the way to the back of the theatre.

Playing 15 songs from six albums, they clocked in a 90 minute set, made longer with a marriage proposal from one audience member to his girlfriend, in the form of a note slipped on stage and read out by Lightbody. Across the whole night Lightbody serenaded and excited the crowd, but Snow Patrol’s hidden gem lay in Johnny McDaid on keys. Whether he was leading the track, like in Make This Go On Forever or What If This Is All The Love You Ever Get?, McDaid’s keyboard playing was intense and emotive, and he was a joy to watch.

Promising another tour next year before they went off stage, it is clear that Sydney has not forgotten, nor lost any love for Snow Patrol.

Photos and review – Britt Andrews