[SPEAKING VOLUMES] Black Bird Hum’s Top 5 Heartbreak Songs

Hey this is Jon from Black Bird Hum and our new tune “Say You Want” is a bit of a boy-meets-girl type love song, so we’ve put together a bunch of tunes all about love, relationships, getting it right and getting it horribly wrong to set the scene for the track.  Most of the tunes are from the classic ‘Lovers Rock’ genre of reggae music but there’s a few genre-busters in there everyone will know! Enjoy!

  1.  You Don’t Love Me – Dawn Penn.  This track is amazing. Simple, driving, repetitive groove with a devastating, beautiful, vocal part over the top.  One of those tracks where you really believe the pain- Dawn is feeling it.
  2. Waiting in Vain – Bob Marley and the Wailers.  This is probably one of my favourite Wailers tracks.  Slow and steady but still really bubbles along. Bob has already waited 3 years by the time he’s penned this song.  And he’s asking if it’s crazy to wait some more. Yes Bob, it’s crazy.
  1. Somebody I Used To Know – Gotye.  Not really reggae, and sure it got played to the point that maybe you didn’t want to hear it ever again, but f%&k what a tune.  And Kimbra’s part drive’s home the devastation like a blunt stake.
  1. Don’t Ever Leave – Marcia Griffiths.  Not sure if this is unrequited but it sounds like the guy is not super keen, so she’s really having to plead the case.  Great track, love the weird little synth bleeps throughout.
  1. Hey Baby – Stephen Marley and Mos Def.  Awesome groove and production like all Stephen Marley tracks.  This one you feel like he’s trying to convince the girl but also himself.  He’s made some mistakes along the way and he’s trying to convince them both it can all be ok again.  Mos Def brings it home with some positivity at the end.