[SPEAKING VOLUMES] Black Summer’s Top 5 Singles of 2019

1 – Skrillex – Mumbai Power
I like this song because of how Skrillex is changing his sound and turning to more of a melodic side when making instrumentals. The drop is so unique and is always inspiring me.

2 – bbno$ – Siracha
This song is actually one of my favorite songs of the year. I love the melodic style bbno$ is doing with his rap. He’s been pumping out hit after hit this year and I can’t wait to hear what he puts out next!

3 – Jack Harlow – Ghost
I’ve been listening to Jack since I heard his song Wasted Youth and I am really liking his music and how he’s putting new spins on rap with every song he releases. His voice sounds dope and his flow hits hard with the beat.

4 – Denzel Curry – Ricky
This song is catchy as hell to me. I like the pitched down vocals at the start and transition into a more high energy beat. Its super fresh and high energy.

5 – Getter – Ham Sandwich
Getter has always been one of my favourite artists ever and this song is freaking weird but sounds cool as. I think it’s sick how he’s just making whatever he wants and making his own waves!