[SPEAKING VOLUMES] Reilly Stapleton’s Most Listened To Tracks on Spotify

1 – “Can’t Buy Happiness” Tash Sultana
This is the most beautiful song that has graced my ears and I am truly enchanted, every single time I hear it.

2 – “Teeth” – 5 Seconds Of Summer
Who doesn’t love a catchy bass hook and some solid rock pop vibes! These guys have been smashing it out of the park and this song is one of their best.

3 – “I Know” – King Princess ft. Fiona Apple
Their voices together is like a sweet serenade. I love this song and everything about it. It’s emotional and raw, so, you feel like you understand what the artist is going through

4 – “Clementine” – Halsey
Do yourself a favour and go listen to the lyrics in this song, what a beautiful adventure your mind will be transported through. The lyrics are so open and creative, yet I feel like Halsey is allowing us to understand a space inside her head.

5 – “Cinnamon Girl” Lana Del Rey
Can this girl write a song, or what?! Lyrically and melodically beautiful. An easy listen with a calm captivating story.

6 – “I Lost A Friend” Finneas
I love the way Finneas produces his work and I adore his lyrics! I could sit here deciphering them all day and just listening to the way the words have been carefully strung together.

7 – “Writer In The Dark” – Lorde
URGH WHAT A TUNE! Lorde is one of the absolute best lyricists that I have EVER come across. She just has the most beautiful metaphors and ways of gliding through a sequence and stringing words effortlessly.

8 – “Good Times” Genesis Owusu
I walk to the tram in the morning to this track. It’s happy and fun but it’s also got that perfect blend of difference in there and that makes me love it even more!

9 – “Future Heroine” – Ecca Vandal
This song is BAD-ASS! What an empowering track that makes you feel like you need to rid your life of anyone that takes advantage of you, ever!

10 – “Boys Will Be Boys” – Stella Donnelly
Stella Donnelly is the absolute cutest, but this song packs a punch! You can really feel the sincerity and concern coming from this song. It makes you think and really put things into perspective.