[SPEAKING VOLUMES] Cloning’s Top 5 Western Australian Acts

Top 5 WA Acts – In no particular order

The Triffids – Some of the best Australian pub rock, we love the way the lyrics describe the Australian landscape in such a vivid and poetic way.
Top Track: Wide Open Road

Stella Donnelly – Her songwriting is really clever and her vocals are rad. What else can you say really? Just really good music.
Top Track: Tricks

Gyroscope – Used to listen to their album Cohesion in primary school. Always really enjoyed the guitar playing on their records and the singer has such a cool vocal tone.
Top Track: Working With Wood

End Of Fashion – We supported them last year and it was a bit surreal because we used to listen to them as kids. Justin has this really powerful voice with a massive range and their songs have this great energy to them. Bevan saw them in Port Hedland when he was a kid.
Top Track: Oh Yeah

Methyl Ethel – They’ve probably been the biggest influence on our sound out of any of the artists we’ve included here. Jake used to work at a music school a couple of us attended and was always a super down to earth guy. His songs have so much depth to them and its been awesome to watch their success.
Top Track: Idea Fixe

PS: Some people might be wondering why we didn’t include Tame Impala on this list and the only reason is because it would be such an obvious choice so we wanted to go with some slightly less recognisable artists! But Tame Impala were definitely a band we all binged in high school and I think everyone knows how good their music is.