[SPEAKING VOLUMES] Parker’s 5 Top Art/Music Award Ceremonies

Clipped Music Video Awards

Last year my clip for Can’t Keep Waiting won Best Concept at the Clipped Music Video Awards.  Anth and Sam have been so incredibly supportive of my work.  They recently premiered my new video for Become The Fool at one of their Clipped Premiere events.  I hope I get to go to the awards this year. 

Women’s Art Prize – Tasmania

The video for Can’t Keep Waiting was recently selected as a finalist artwork in the Women’s Art Prize Tasmania.  It’s so amazing to be recognised in the Fine Arts world for a music video.  It’s a new media to be considered as art and I am so excited about continuing to integrate the art and music worlds I reside in.  The finalists for the womens art prize will be on exhibition 3 times throughout 2020.  

Launceston – Academy Gallery: 3rd April – 1st May 2020

Burnie – Makers’ Space: 1st October – 1st November 2020 

Hobart – Plimsol Gallery: 5th Dec – 24th January 2021

APRA Awards

Out of all the music awards events I’ve been to my favourite is the APRA Awards in Australia.  The performance collaborations are always amazing and it’s such a great celebration of Australian songwriting.   It’s so nice to catch up with so many friends at this event.  You meet so many people when you are touring and traveling and these events give everyone an opportunity to come together to celebrate all their hard work. 


Going to the Grammy’s in 2013 was one of the wildest experiences of my life.  I was 5 rows from the stage and I got to see Justin Timberlake and Frank Ocean perform. So inspiring!!!!  One thing I would recommend to anyone who gets a chance to go to this monster event.  Pack snacks!! It’s a long day and evening. 

Melbourne Short Film Festival

My video for Can’t Keep Waiting recently won best video clip at the Melbourne Short Film Festival.  The awards were held at the Sun Theatre in Yarraville which is such a great little independent cinema.  It’s so great that we have such a great music/art/film community in Australia.