[SPEAKING VOLUMES] Sasha March’s Top 5 Songs of 2019

Sasha March has unveiled a bright slice of alt-indie with her new single “Ten Days”, released on 22nd March. Hailing from Adelaide, currently based in Sydney, March’s new music signals  a new musical path. The track shows March remains true to her folk foundations, however is defined by strong alt-indie instrumentation and delivery. You can listen to the track here.

After the release of her own single, Sasha reflected on her top 5 songs of 2019 (so far).

Middle Kids – Never Start

I first heard this when I was riding my bike through the city to the pub in Adelaide one night! Right from the opening of the track, the snare, the guitar and then the vocals coming in combined with night riding which is the best feeling, I was hooked. I love the overall energy and lyrics. I think I played it 3 times on the way home that night too!

Methyl Ethel – Ubu

This is a great motivating song in the mornings for me.

I always feel happy listening to it and want to jump around!

A friend first got me addicted to Methyl Ethel when we were working a festival together. They’ve stayed high on the playlist ever since. Whoever writes such a fun singable track about struggle and confusion is is alright with me.

Phoebe Bridges – Emotional Motion Sickness

I find the lyrics very relatable in this track. The title alone is enough to make me want to listen and fall into those feelings. I love the guitar tone and her vocals are so beautiful and seem so effortless, how they roll along with the band and a feeling of hopeful heartbreak, or maybe betrayal…depending on the day. It’s definitely high on my playlist lately.

Amy Shark – Adore

A friend sent me this track one time when I was going through a bumpy patch.

Although I’d heard it many times and really liked it, it brought a whole new meaning and I’ll always remember it as a comfort. It’s a beautiful track lyrically and musically and still my fave of Amy’s.

Angie McMahon – Slow Mover

I remember hearing this track for the first time in headphones on a train and immediately loved it – the stripped back arrangement with her fiery vocals and the opening dirty guitar tones are a perfect combo. I’m sure many can relate to 4am just wanting to go to bed and stay friends with someone rather than make out – I can ha ha.

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