[SPEAKING VOLUMES] Solomon Crook’s Top 5 Things To Do In Wellington, New Zealand

1 – Mt Victoria Lookout.
It overlooks the city and is beautiful at sunset. I use to live on Mount Vic so it was a 10-minute stroll to the top. It’s a nice escape from the busyness of the city, on a sunny afternoon/evening.

2 – Princess Bay
A tucked away beach on the southern coast. It is only a five-minute drive from the city but it feels so secluded and tucked away which is the magic of it. In early summer it still doesn’t get busy; such a beautiful spot for a swim, once I even saw a pod of dolphins come into the bay.

3 – Rogue and Vagabond
One of the best spots in town for consistent live music. It is known for being one of Wellingtons best jazz venues, having nights where some of Wellington’s best musicians play together and jam. They have an amazing range of craft beer on offer; funnily enough we actually played for a local beer release earlier in the year. It’s such a small, intimate venue but when its packed out the atmosphere is humming.

4 – Old Quarter
I love Vietnamese food. This love began when I travelled through Vietnam at the age of 17. I love the freshness of their meals and how you can have lots of light small dishes. Always a stop off when the family are visiting.

5 – Brooklyn Windmill
This is a wind turbine perched atop a hill on the outskirts of Wellington. The windmill itself is insanely big but the views are what makes this location. Wellington is such a hilly city so being able to view the land formations from above offers a cool perspective.