[SPOTIFY PLAYLIST] Forces + Fury ultimate all girl playlist

Each track on this playlist features amazing female vocalists and songwriters who inspire us to create our own music. This collection of songs also features heavy hitting riffs, impeccable production and an unbridled energy that we as producers get very excited about. Here are the tracks:

Broke Days, Party Nights by Ecca Vandal
Heavy power-pop with ALLLLL the attitude in the vocals. Apparently this was mostly recorded in her bedroom, which just blows our mind!

Blue Boss by Sampa The Great
We can’t get over Sampa’s flow and vocal tone. The production also incorporates heaps of groovy acoustic instruments from percussion to brass, and it’s sexy-as!

Picture Perfect by Little Simz
Little Simz could literally slap you in the face with her punchy rhymes. We also luuuurve the bass in this track, yum!

Sleep To Dream by Fiona Apple
Fiona Apple’s voice takes you on a journey with her endless emotion in every performance. We really dig the production in this track too, it almost dips into hip hop territory with those drums and sampled sounds, while staying true to her style.

Gemini Feed by Banks
We LOVE Banks, this track (and all of the album it’s from) was basically on repeat while we were starting to write as a duo. The vocal layers are immense, and the synths are just so tasty.

A Little Piece by The Jezabels
Everything about The Jezabels’ sound is just so beautiful to us. We love the way Hayley’s vocals sit with that spacey guitar tone, emotive piano and driving drum rhythms.

Don’t Wanna Fight by Alabama Shakes
This track oozes groove while featuring one of the most incredible female vocalists and guitarists on the scene today.

Headlock by Imogen Heap
Imogen Heap is one of our biggest inspirations because she writes, performs and produces all of her own music, and we love the sound she creates. Her performances are also incredibly innovative, a must see if you get the chance.

Tennis Court by Lorde
Lorde is a huge influence on our production. We often reference the simplicity but incredible effectiveness of her songs, and this track is a perfect example of that.

Army Of Me by Björk
This song could be released tomorrow and it would sound as fresh as the day it came out in 1995. Björk’s unique vocals with the huge sounding, ultra-compressed drums and arpeggiated synth line makes us want to unleash some kind of beautiful chaos and destruction – whatever that means.

Mysterons by Portishead
Haunting vocals over ultra-compressed drum loops and harp-like guitar lines makes this track salty and sweet. There are too many cool things about this track, we could talk about it all day  

Kicks by FKA Twigs
FKA Twigs is endlessly talented, and incredibly, writes and produces all of her own music. We love her sampling, vocal layers, gorgeous textures and overall evocative timbre of her tracks, and this one features such a great chorus.

For Your Love by Montaigne
The first time we heard Montaigne’s voice we were floored. This track features her immense vocals skills, combined with a groove your body can’t ignore and hooks for days.

Far Away by Ali Barter
There are so many things we love about Ali, she’s got killer pipes, she’s a multi-instrumentalist, her songwriting is top notch and she has the guts to write about stuff that’s raw and important. This track makes us want to pick up our instruments and play right now.

Shut Your Mouth by Garbage
Shirley Manson is rock royalty. We were lucky enough to see her perform recently and she commands the stage and the crowd like a queen. This track features quirky synth sounds with ripping guitars and huge sampled drums.

I’m So Sick by Flyleaf
Punchy powerful rock track with a half time chorus (drool). We love the sound of the drums and guitar in this track.

Anklebiters by Paramore
Paramore is a longtime favourite band of ours, and this track is just power-pop gold. There’s so much energy, even on the smallest speakers you can hear how loud the amps were and how hard they were hitting everything as they recorded it. Hayley’s lyrics are also always so relatable and inspiring.

Crushed by Clews
We fell in love with this track as soon as we heard it last year. These sisters certainly know how to wield their weapons. They’re great songwriters and an incredible vocal team. We look forward to watching their career progress.

White Noise by PVRIS
If you haven’t heard this track, listen to it NOW. You’re welcome. There’s nothing more satisfying to us than a killer half time chorus, and this track delivers it with the ultimate sub-bass synth down low and rhythm-synced stutter synth up high. Plus, those vocals by Lynn Gunn, holy hell! We love the countless effects on the vocal layers too. All in all, this track changed our lives.

Forces and Fury’s new single “Stormy Weather” is out now.