[ALBUM REVIEW] Boston Manor // Welcome To The Neighbourhood

Leaving much of their conventionally pop-punk roots behind, Boston Manor from Lancashire, England return with a stellar second effort. A post-punk album with modern pop sensibilities, ‘Welcome to the Neighbourhood’ proves a truly enjoyable rock experience. Much like fellow contemporaries Lower Than Atlantis, Boston Manor have crafted a musical output that expertly taps into the modern pop market, whilst staying true to a punk scene that is getting harder and harder to navigate for new entrants and casual listeners.

As of late August this year, we’ve seen the release of two singles: the emotive ‘Halo’ and the stadium-ballad reminiscent ‘Bad Machine’, both of which very much encapsulate the tone and feel of ‘Welcome to the Neighbourhood’. Together they make up a complimentary introduction to the album whilst simultaneously offering the necessary populism that’s so often asked of singles.

My personal favourite on the album is ‘England Is Dreaming’, a track where Boston Manor show their affinity for bass lines with crunch and the catchiest of  heavy rock rhythms. It’s a truly special song that’s destined to get the mosh pits grooving at festivals and gigs in the coming months.

If you have taste for the finest of modern punk outfits or just for solid, anthemic rock – then Boston Manor’s ‘Welcome to the Neighbourhood’ should make its way into your downloads or CD collection when it gets released this September 7th.


Review – Jeremy Bridie