David O’Doherty: Big Time // Enmore Theatre // 27/04/17

Have you ever wondered how to become a social media influencer? According to David O’Doherty, all that’s required is access to Ed Sheeran’s sound equipment. The tale of the time O’Doherty shared a stage with the redheaded popstar perfectly captures the feel of Big Time – incredulity that he’s made it this far with his comic stylings.

The Irish comedian knows his audience. From riffing on his desire to feature on Border Force, to trying to figure out why no one has come up with a better name for the candles that come back on after you blow them out, O’Doherty takes the packed Enmore Theatre crowd along for the ride.

If there’s a message to be gleaned from his show, it’s the importance of perspective. Too much perspective, and you start comparing the events of 2017 to the Black Plague; too little, and suddenly there’s chairs everywhere. For David O’Doherty, the balance is somewhere between raging against the lady in the leotard shop and the election of Donald Trump.

Of course, what would a David O’Doherty show be without his charming tunes. Whether it’s about his friend having a bike-wank, all the crap he has collected from Aldi over the years, or the apt description of British TV show “Grand Designs”, the genius of his songs can be found between the playful melody and O’Doherty’s razor wit.

After leaving the show, you’ll be left wondering how the internet went so wrong, how you too could become so famous you’re known only by your first name, and whether one gig can fix all of the world’s problems – and if it does, you can say that you were there.

Big Time is well worth checking out if you are after a night of ’90s Tour de France spectator fashion, offbeat tales of telemarketing, and musical numbers infused with just the right amount of whimsy. If you enjoy aging Casio keyboards, David O’Doherty is the comedian for you.

 – Dean Cool