Category: COMEDY

9 May

Fiona O’Loughlin // Factory Theatre // 05/05/17

Credited as Australia’s Queen of Comedy, Fiona O’Loughlin brought her A Few of My Favourite Things show to The Factory Theatre last week as a part of the Sydney Comedy Festival.

After finally seeing her live I believe in this title, not because her jokes get the most laughs, but because her comedy so clearly represents that of the country at large. She’s much more eloquent and succinct than the rest of us, but her stories feel familiar thanks to her self-deprecating and irreverent attitude.

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2 May

Simon Taylor: Spectacular-ish // Enmore Theatre // 30/04/17

There’s something about Simon Taylor. For one thing, he looks nothing like his Instagram DP. He’s also quite funny. And in a country where the very idea of a millennial buying a house is laughable, his comedy works better than you might expect.

From his magic tricks, hilariously making a Dove appear and disappear, to his singing and dancing, which goes some way to explaining how he flirts in the digital age, Simon Taylor showcases his multi-talented approach to comedy with style.

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