Simon Taylor: Spectacular-ish // Enmore Theatre // 30/04/17

There’s something about Simon Taylor. For one thing, he looks nothing like his Instagram DP. He’s also quite funny. And in a country where the very idea of a millennial buying a house is laughable, his comedy works better than you might expect.

From his magic tricks, hilariously making a Dove appear and disappear, to his singing and dancing, which goes some way to explaining how he flirts in the digital age, Simon Taylor showcases his multi-talented approach to comedy with style.

Of course, it isn’t all low-key talent shows here. When Taylor discusses sexuality, for instance, he manages to do so with finesse and the right amount of humour. A decent portion of the show focuses on what is meant by sexuality in 2017, and how older attitudes are slowly changing because of progressive generations being more open-minded.

Simon Taylor’s show lives up to its name. It is Spectacular-ish. It’s a decent night out. Those in the audience are going to have a good time. But it’s so much more than this. Taylor has a certain je ne sais quoi. There is an unspoken, intangible quality to his comedy.

Taylor questions the alleged link between being a vegetarian and being gay; celebrates the fact that Women’s AFL means that he can now be a trophy husband; and opens-up about his first time with a girl. The time he spent working on a cruise is one of the highlights of the show, alongside the relationship he has with his parents and their expectations.

It is incredibly difficult to pinpoint what makes his comedy work, and yet work it does. Taylor is charming, self-deprecating, and approachable in his humour. He seems like the kind of guy who would have a beer with you after the show – even though beer really isn’t his thing.

The Sydney Comedy Festival run of Spectacular-ish was Taylor’s last Australian appearance until November. When he returns later this year, it will definitely be worth checking out what he has in store.

 – Dean Cool