[PHOTOS + REVIEW] DMA’s // Enmore Theatre // 10/05/18

The Enmore Theatre filled to the brim with a keen crowd for Hatchie. Her chilled every-day storytelling and honest charm easily won over the already interested crowd. Her pop-rock guitar riffs and shimmering vocal soared high, reaching to the back of the venue. She proved herself as the perfect support act, as she glowed with the same nostalgic 1990’s essence as DMA’s themselves.

When the lights dimmed and the suspenseful music glared, each and every person in the mosh pushed forward excitingly, ready to bask in the tunes from their favourite band. As each member of the DMA’s graced the stage, the crowd cheered, the level of love for the musicians and the music they played really filled the room at that moment. After seeing the band play a few times on festival line-ups around Australia, it was a surprise how intense their energy was from the get go. All of the members of the band really interacted and engaged with each other, as if the energy from the crowd drove them into even more passion. The set moved forward with no banter but perfect transitions, and I think this was perfect for the style of music, as it kept everyone in their trance. Why use words when you can just express with music and lyrics?

Every musical note both instrumentally and vocally was perfect in their track ‘Time & Money’ and then for ‘Break Me’ from their recent sophomore album ‘For Now’. They stayed in this perfect groove, honestly, for the whole hour and a half long set. Even though these tracks were from the newer album, it seemed no matter what song, the crowd knew every word and sang them along as loud as possible. ‘Step Up The Morphine’ and ‘Delete’ were played cohesively, which had the crowd going wild as towards the front of venue, the mosh pit brewed. It was a very climatic moment. ‘Dawning’ then kept the crowd in their exhilarating mood before a very suspenseful waiting game, as the crowd howled for an encore. ‘Play It Out’ was such a moment, the floor of the venue was bouncing and the whole crowd was dancing, really enjoying the moment, sensing it was time for the end. This continued as they finished with ‘Lay Down’. The crowd clapped along with the beat without any prompt from the band… it felt like each member of the crowd was really a part of something for this tune. The band then exited seamlessly, leaving us all to bask in the glory of a great night filled with really great music.

Photos – Zach Janus
Review – Sara Tamim