[SPEAKING VOLUMES] Melbourne Ska Orchestra’s Most Played Spotify Songs

Get Smart: Good one to get the blood pumping .Wicked film clip

Best Things in Life are Free: How true. Pat Powell sings up a storm on this one.

Lygon St Meltdown: Circa Melb 1980… a shot of coffee or get shot!

He’s a Tripper: A Ska Cumbia hybrid…Dedicated to Lee Perry and James Brown

Star Wars ThemeIts a trilogy really. Luke Skawalker indeed!

Austin Powers Theme:  Melbourne Ska meets Quincy Jones. Skavoovie Baby Yeah!

Curb Your Enthusiasm Theme:  Larry David wears Doc Martins and calls himself a Rude Boy

The Flintstones Theme: Stone cold Ska. This one rocks…Wilma looks like a mod girl

Kenji San: Rude Boy goes to Japan. Crime doesn’t pay!

Night Boat to CairoA Madness classic. Sheer madness when we play it live