[LIVE REVIEW] Eves Karydas // The Landsdowne // 16/08/18

Sleepclub warmed up the crowd with their guitar-heavy riffs and slouchy vocal harmonies. The all female band really got the already filling up Lansdowne dancing and grooving along to their tracks. All three of the members of the band managed to fill the room to the brim with their mellow motifs. Despite them not having a bassist, the absence was barely felt. Interestingly, considering the band is only just starting out, their cohesiveness was to be admired. The name of the band suits the music perfectly, as well as their on stage presence. This kind of mature branding is unique to Sleepclub.

The upstairs of the Lansdowne was overfilled for Eves Karydas. All the punters squeezed into the small space to be able to witness the pop-starlet playing in Sydney for the first time in 2 years. She begins with a track from her upcoming debut album with the catch phrase ‘I’m just being honest’. This song was a complete bop that only cements the fact that this album is going to be full of bangers. From the get go Karydas is jumping and dancing around the stage with ease, smiling ear to ear during the instrumentals. Although, her songs radiate pop sensibility, her lyrics remain seriously honest, relatable and angst-ridden, and this is something really distinctive to her sound.

Then she played her debut single for her ‘Eves Karydas’ project called, ‘There For You’. This track really got the crowd hyped as they sang along to the lyrics they knew all too well. She follows up with her tune, ‘TV’ from her pervious project, ‘Eves the Behaviour’. It was particularly surprising for punters; although so many of her fans were delighted with the choice, as it was obvious they had been fans of hers from the beginning.

After this, a single spotlight shone on Karydas as she picked up her acoustic guitar. She changed the pace completely by playing a track she called ‘Big Big Love’. This was a really special moment, as her soft and silky falsetto accompanied by simple guitar strums made for the perfect dynamic change. To end, the starlet had the crowd dancing to her newest hits, ‘Couch’ and “Further Than The Planes Fly’ before gracefully exiting without an encore, leaving the crowd craving more. The line to the merch desk after the show was the length of the venue itself, everyone was keen to meet and greet with the newborn star herself. With an announcement coming this week about her album, all we can do is anticipate her next move.

Review – Sara Tamim.