[SINGLE REVIEW] Banoffee // Ripe

Martha Brown, better known as Banoffee, has released one of her sweetest sounds to date. Ripe is an energetic and delicious track that was shared by the Melbourne songwriter earlier this month. The production of this latest single by LA-based producer SOPHIE intricately brings Brown’s signature modern RnB together with bopping 80’s synths.

Ripe depicts brushing off a needy lover – Brown will surely win some more hearts with this infectiously groovy tune. Ripe seamlessly surprises us from start to finish, the bitterness of the lyrics “I’d rather sleep-in late…. You’re so overripe” is enough to imagine the clock ticking and the boredom ensuing.

The music video dropped yesterday via NYLON mag and features Brown and her friends dancing around in front of TV with butterfly clips in their hair and holding furbies, looking straight out a sleepover makeover of the early 2000’s. The video has a certain sticky nostalgia, the same that comes with haphazardly smearing lip gloss on your face and gracing your eyelids with a delightful shade of blue.

For fans of Grimes, Banks and Marina and the Diamonds, you’ll find the dreamy yet dystopic tones of Banoffee and the electropop of Ripe alluring. You truly can’t get enough of feminine artists embracing the genre of pop in innovative ways. In an interview with NYLON, Brown said that we should expect new material soon! In the meantime, though, the track Ripe won’t become overripe anytime soon.

– Briana Kennedy