[SINGLE REVIEW] Caiti Baker // Wolf

The first release from her upcoming debut album ‘Zinc’, set to drop in October of this year, Wolf is a musical testament to the life and career of N.T. hero Caiti Baker. Coming of the back of an incredibly successful 2016, taking out many NT Music Awards and collaborating and touring with many local and international artists like; A.B Original, Gurrumul, Pete Murray and Booker T, Baker has taken some time for herself, hitting the studio and is set to release one of the most interesting albums this year.

Wolf is an expert blend of electronic beats, soul music, gospel vibes and a groove that makes you move. All of this is tied together by Baker’s incredible trademark voice and haunting harmonies, showcasing her range, vocal dexterity and sultry tones with a melody that will be stuck in your head for weeks. The genius combination of electronic production, sampled and live instruments, bluesy guitar riffs and organ breakdowns makes for a beat that will have your head nodding and brain working in overtime, trying to figure out what’s going on, until you decide to just dance. This eclectic collection of sounds have been brought together by producers J. Mangohig and Michael Hohnen who have worked with many Roots and Hip-hop artists Australia wide, along with Baker’s roots in blues music it makes for a unique sound that would fit a festival stage or a low lot dance floor on the same night. Wolf is the first taste of Baker’s unique style, blending her rural Australian upbringing with the new and developing sounds of Australian hip-hop.

As for what’s to come, with her history and connections in the Aus hip-hop scene there are questions as to what the rest of Zinc will sound like, what genre it will fit in, potential features and if this will be her breakthrough into the mainstream, but this track makes it clear, whatever the genre label, whoever is on the rest of the songs and whoever listens to is, this music will be unmistakably Caiti Baker.

 – Travis Salviejo