Divebar Youth is the solo project of Vinnie Barbaro, also known as one of the guitarists in Adelaide band Pemberton. His second single Houses is warm and inviting before it bursts open into a huge indie-rock anthem with riffs galore. With the single titled Houses, we asked him the five places that feel like home to him.

  1. Adelaide, Australia. There is no place like home except home itself. I was born in Adelaide and grew up here. It is a city that prides itself on the arts and being a place of music. It is crazy how many great artists come out of a city with such a small population and I love that wholesome venues like The Cranker stay strong and continue to operate. It gives you the chance to go out and constantly see live shows.
  2. Copenhagen, Denmark. I was lucky enough to spend a bit of time in Copenhagen and get to experience their music scene. I got to sit in on an open session with some really talented musicians at La Fontaine, the oldest jazz venue in the city, as well as a blues club called Mojo. As a player, I was introduced to music through jazz and blues so as soon as I found out about the culture in Copenhagen, it became one of my favourite spots in the world. Also, go to Christiania.
  3. Dublin, Ireland. Guinness, Jameson, folk songs and cheerful people. Not much more needs to be said. When we were there, we were brought into a pub on a Sunday afternoon. Everyone was just sitting in a circle playing instruments and singing along to tunes that everyone knew. The next night (by chance) we discovered that Jake Bugg was playing an intimate acoustic show. Next thing we knew, an old local guy sold us tickets and then we were watching Sam Fender and Jake Bugg at an arms distance.
  4. Cartagena, Colombia. South America as a whole is magnificent. I think people have certain misconceptions about Colombia due to their troubled past. People are beyond lovely to you and they pride themselves on their ability to overcome their difficulties and maintain a rich culture. Although it is far from home in many aspects, I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and hope people consider heading over!
  5. Paris, France. By far one of the most beautiful places I have been. I know, it is a little cliché. Moulin Rouge will blow your mind and once you’re feeling a little bit chipper from the champagne, head over to O’Sullivans Grand Boulevards. It is my favourite Irish pub in France.


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