[INTERVIEW] Teen Jesus & The Jean Teasers

Canberra four-piece Teen Jesus & The Jean Teasers have been picking up speed over the past few years, and for good reason. Their pop-tinged brand of grunge has taken them around the country to festivals such as Falls, Spilt Milk and Stonefest, along a support slot for Slowly Slowly’s national shows. Things look set to keep ramping up for the band in 2020, having recently released a new single ‘Desk Chair’ and been announced as a support for Hockey Dad’s tour in June. The band took a moment to answer some questions about ‘Desk Chair’, iconic Canberra venues and the best falafel in the country.

The band started after you guys watched School of Rock – which School of Rock characters are you each most like?
What a big and impressive question. We all embody every single character smooshed together, but have a certain resemblance to these ones:

Jaida – Freddy the drummer boy, creating musical fusion every day
Anna – Dewey Finn, who was replaced by Spider (the man with the leather sleeves)
Neve – Laurence the keyboard king: the cat’s pyjamas, the bees knees
Scarlett – the real Ned Schneebly, not a temp, a sub.

Your latest track ‘Desk Chair’ has some very relatable lyrics. How did the track come together?
‘Desk Chair’ was written in the peak of our teenage angst. It follows a theme of self-sabotage and wanting what you don’t have, until you get it and don’t want it anymore.

Late last year you told Scenstr an EP or album was brewing – any update on that?
Ooh unfortunately no real update right now!! We have been super busy over the past few months with Falls Festival, recording Desk Chair and we are about to go on our own headline tour. We are definitely excited to record some spicy stuff this year so who knows what the future holds…

One line in ‘Desk Chair’ talks about “the rush of the deadline”. Have you guys ever cut it fine on a deadline, and if so, what happened?
This question is probably best left answered with a HUGE shoutout to Virgin Australia for not slapping us across the face when we showed up to Melbourne airport ready to fly out to Falls Festival in Fremantle 10 minutes after our flight started boarding. We feel the rush of the deadline literally constantly.

Where would be your dream venue to play?
We’ve always dreamt of playing downstairs Mooseheads; the infamous club/pub/cave of Canberra. Number 1 tourist attraction, number 1 in our hearts.

The band’s pinned tweet reads ‘playing a gig is just pres for kebabs’. What are your go-to kebab orders after a show?
Your attention to detail is impeccable. Anna, Scarlett and Jaida always go for a cheeky falafel. Anna and Jaida are huge fans of kebabs, but Scarlett is gluten free so leans more towards a snack pack or plate. Neve is too weak to manage a full kebab all by herself so always nabs herself a mixed snack pack. Also a good time to mention that we are massive fans of Brothers Kebabs ‘n’ Burgers (right down the road from Crowbar Sydney), definitely check it out for the best falafel in the country.

What are the goals for the band in 2020?
We just wanna keep having fun times with our fave gal pals xoxoxo


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