Blue Velvet Release New Single ‘Soggy Cereal’

Sydney’s charming Indie-Punks Blue Velvet have released their latest singe, ‘Soggy Cereal’, a tale of skipping the fourth bowl of cereal-for-dinner, putting down the Nintendo Switch and getting back out in the world.

The hype surrounding their new single shows Blue Velvet have grown since the release of their sophomore EP A Lesson In Regression last year. The EP scored a sea of love from community radio, triple j network and meant sharing stages with Luca Brasi, Trophy Eyes and Dear Seattle.

“This is the kind of punk band who’re rough and edgy enough to fall in love with but who also seem grounded and genial enough to take home to mum.”
Dave Ruby-Howe – triple j Unearthed

To celebrate the release of ‘Soggy Cereal’, Blue Velvet will be hitting the Botany View Hotel on Saturday, April 20th!

Coming off a massive year of life lessons, Blue Velvet are finding the classes never end and you can get lost in the repetitive routines of daily life, so they’re serving out a hearty bowl of Soggy Cereal to help you keep pace.

“Soggy Cereal is all about that rut that people can find themselves in when they get too comfortable in living a weekly routine of absolute nothingness and not going out and actually doing something with their lives,” said vocalist Samuel Beauermeister.

“Writing this song ended up being this weird self-exorcism and helped me realise that I sort of need to get my shit together in life. This track is all about dramatically jumping through your comfort zone and actually celebrating and encouraging new aspects in your life,” said Bauermeister.

The song came about with the band finding themselves chugging down their fourth bowl of cereal realising it was time to make a change in those repetitive routines, embrace different facets of life and move forward with their ever-changing sound.

“We really loved what we did with ‘A Lesson In Regression’ and we wanted to expand on the ideas we had on that release even further with this song. I get really excited thinking about how our sound evolves with each release that we’re writing and shaking things up is always something that’s on our minds,” said guitarist Brendan Iredale.

Celebrate the new track with Blue Velvet free single launch show at The Botany View Hotel on Saturday, April 20th with Jacob and Coconut Cream.

With a huge 2019 planned ahead of them, Blue Velvet aren’t a band you want to miss.

Listen to ‘Soggy Cereal’ here.