Nicole Millar + Sophiegrophy + Oh Boy // Oxford Art Factory // 23/06/18

In support of her debut album Excuse Me, Nicole Millar set off on a massive national tour, celebrating massive pop moments, and a triumph to her previous released efforts. Along for the ride are supports Oh Boy and Sophiegrophy, who each bring something unique to what is a powerfully pop driven tour.

Sydney sider Oh Boy opens the night with a vigorous electronic set with songs that, to me, end up feeling nostalgic of underwater levels in old video games. Maybe the best aspects of Oh Boy’s live performance come directly from the various features littered throughout the set. Being a hometown show, a bunch of Oh Boy’s collaborators are nearby and a majority perform their parts live through the set, with massive standout imbi the girl, jumping the stage during You See Me. Considering the small crowd that was present, Oh Boy manages to create a naturally fun and intimate environment.

The venue begins looking a little fuller as Sophiegrophy takes the stage. From here, everything gets a little bit more wholesome. Between songs Sophiegrophy explains each and every one of her songs in acute detail, while bumbling away joyously exclaiming her appreciation to the crowd for coming out so early. As soon as Sopihegrophy begins her songs though, it’s almost as though a flick is switched inside of her. The awkward joy on her face disappears, and Sophie pumps out her tracks with an undeniable ferocity and velocity that is evident to everyone in the room. As 2018 continues, Sophiegrophy will be an act to keep in memory.

Nicole Millar jumps on stage with an instantly recognizable energy to anyone that has seen her play before. Opening with closing track On Rewind, the night really gets going as the crowd begins jumping to Millar’s undeniably infectious pop ballads. Millar’s stage presence is always a treat, and it’s impossible not to see her smile and enjoy herself as much as her crowd does. The show is filled with the best bits from album Excuse Me, and really showcases the immense effort that has gone into the release. During track Sign Me Up, a backing track replaces Heno.’s verse, which seems out of beat considering there are at least four artists in attendance who could have filled the void. Despite this, Millar’s bopping and dancing over Heno. proves fun as the crowd appears mesmerized by ethereal angel Nicole Millar’s movements. As Millar declares the night is coming to an end, Tremble begins, one of the most recognizable songs, even to the most casual of Millar’s fans. The crowd goes nuts for the track, with security even having to ask people to calm down.

Millar ends her set with Peking Duk song High, which is a definite HIGHlight to the night. At this point, security’s efforts to calm the crowd down are made useless as people end up on shoulder’s bopping and swinging arms around as you’d see at any festival.

Nicole Millar’s massive efforts in Excuse Me are clear as day. Her soulful tracks translate incredible well live and it’s an absolute treat to be able to experience them.

Review – Kileab Thum.