[PHOTOS + REVIEW] Deez Nuts + DREGG + Cast Down + BLKLST + Skorched // Pelly Bar // 27/10/18

Y’know, I can’t help but laugh when looking back at when I volunteered to review and photograph a gig down in my hometown of Frankston. I should’ve known what I was signing myself up for. A heavy punk hardcore vibe in the dark and dingy Pelly Bar in the heart of Frankston’s sketchy at best night scene… All the signs were there. It got rowdy.

In the past few years its seemed every time I drove by Pelly Bar, Deez Nutz were up on their Coming Up board, they are touring machines, and this time was no different. Deez Nuts at the Pelly Bar was their final show of their Deez Nuts does Australia Tour and damn did they go out with a bang. Their line up of Skorched, BLKLST, Cast Down, Dregg and Deez Nuts, it was sure to be a hectic night.

It wasn’t a bad turn out, Pelly bar can get squishy, but there was plenty of room to have a mosh and Skorched started the party off hard. Their techno dark sound cut through with harsh rough lyrics definitely made a statement alongside their black masks. Followed by BLKLST, that classic hardcore sound came through. Seasoned performers these guys didn’t let up their whole set and heads definitely banged. Cast Down with their driving beats got the growing crowd pumping and you could feel the room buzzing. The crowd were getting more into it, the momentum was gaining some serious traction and they were getting riled up, it was fantastic. When Dregg came on, you should expect what they will do, but you never do. Their song ‘Weirdo’ definitely lives up to its name, I should’ve known a mooning was going to happen on stage… but I was still taken by surprise.

Deez Nuts took a while to get their gear sorted on stage, their sound check was very precise “Kick drum as loud as fucking possible.” but it was worth it, these guys have done their hard work and it paid off in spades. They blew the roof off the place. The crowd went absolutely mental and even though guitarist Matt was feeling that boozy haze, turning down a shoey, he still smashed it out of the park alongside his band. The build up this excellent line up created went off like a bomb, and the crowd screamed for more. But don’t worry Frankstonians, they’ll be back soon. Deez Nuts have an almost permanent fixture on the board out front.

Photos + review – Gemma Baker