[SPOTIFY PLAYLIST] AViVA’s Favourite Emo Pop Tracks

Travelling between LA & Sydney, Australian independent recording artist AViVA unleashes her latest single ‘BRN’. Since October AViVA has garnered over 24 million streams across all platforms, catapulting her name into the alternative YouTube underworld of Nightcore and the gaming community.  

The songs have been featured on Triple J Unearthed, and AViVA was a part of the Triple J SIA special with her single ‘GRRRLS’ earlier this year. AViVA has caught the attention of Spotify tastemakers internationally and her songs have also made it into the top 20 on the Australia/ NZ Spotify Viral playlist.
‘BRN’ is AViVA’s battle cry and it’s visceral hook ‘burn, burn, burn, in the fire’ is a throwback to the image of witch burnings. “I’m sick of people being ‘burnt’ today for being themselves- for not fitting in the boxes everyone tells us to be in.  This is my f*** you to anyone who dares to put me in a box. BRN, to me, is a song about standing with your back straight and daring anyone to defy you or question you because you’re untouchable.”

Off the back of the release of BRN, and a national tour supporting Tonight Alive, AViVA has given us her favourite emo pop tracks.